Silicone Key Ring

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  • Signature Locking Clasp - Our patented clasp was designed so we could swap our keys in and out securely, and without breaking a nail. (epic win!)
  • Reinforced Inner Core - The rigid interior core helps the Big O® maintain its shape and long-lasting durability. The non-bending, anti-squish design means it can withstand everything you can.
  • Waterproof Silicone - The Silicone Big O® can be washed with soap and water for a germ-busting, instant clean feeling.
  • Non-Toxic Silicone - We only use the highest quality, non-staining silicone. Translation: If your teething baby gets a hold of it, not to worry. 
  • One-Size-Fits-All Design - The oversized fit with a 3.75in diameter was designed to be worn on the forearm, or even over the elbow, so it’s comfortably out of the way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Niki G.

These make the perfect gift! Makes it very easy to find my keys in my purse!

Christine C.
The perfect gift!

I was gifted a pink sparkle silicone key ring for my birthday by a girlfriend, and I have used it every day for nearly a year! I love being able to quickly find my keys in my purse or keep them on my wrist if I'm just running in somewhere quickly. The silicone has stayed clean-looking and shows no signs of damage, and it does not live a gentle life with two young kids–or myself–dragging it around. The only negative comes from my husband, as it can be slightly bulky if he carries it in his pocket, but it does fit just fine and is easily unclipped if need be. Besides its practicality and cuteness, it is a constant reminder of friendship, as I often think of my friend who gave it to me whenever I look at it. For all of these reasons, I recently gifted one to a friend for her birthday, and she loves it, too! I chose solid black to match her style, and I expect it to hold up just the same.

Kelly E.
gift idea

I have bought at least a dozen of the silicone key rings. They make the perfect gift for basically anyone! I always have a few in my present closet just in case I need a quick gift.