Looking for a little help with getting dressed?

Do you feel like you never have anything to wear?
Need a closet refresh? Heading on vacation? Starting a new job?

Here's How We Can Help

Closet Deep Dive.
A personalized session with your stylist, inside your closet. We come to you and help decide what to keep, what to give and what you'll need to fill the holes. Want us to take your donations? No problem!

Personalized Fitting Room.
We'll schedule a time with your stylist to pull an intentional fitting room built specifically for you and your wardrobe needs.

Styled Outfits.
Your stylist will meet you in your closet to help put together head to toe outfits.

Outfit Book.
We'll put together a personal digital lookbook for all the outfits we've created for you. With pictures and style tips included, this makes getting dressed a no-brainer.

Invest In Yourself

You will have your selected stylist for a total of 6 hours. This is a one size fits one package, therefore how we use your time will be tailored to you and your closet needs.

Total Cost $750

What are you waiting for?

Meet Cortney

Meet Cortney, tiny but mighty.  She loves a functional piece and can pull a full outfit together like nobody’s business. Never call her after 6 p.m., this morning gal never sees a sunset, but never misses a sunrise!

Meet Jen

Meet Jen, you may know her as everyone’s favorite try on gal from our Instagram page. Jen has a laid back cool girl vibe, she wears her heart on her sleeve and once you meet her you feel like you’ve made a new best friend.  She’s the kind of gal who invites you over for tacos, margaritas and a laugh.  As she likes to say ‘human connection is the magic, selling cute clothes is just the cherry on top’.