Looking for a stylist to make shopping fun and easy?
We can help!

We work with your budget. You can either come into the store or we go to you for a wardrobe refresh. This is the perfect option when you’re getting ready for a sepcial occasion, big trip, new job, or want a full refresh! Please call 949.524.5837 to get started!

There are 3 Ways to Shop:

1. Personal, In Store Shopping.
During or outside of store hours.
No Charge.

2. Personal Shopping, We come to you.
$100/hour - 2 Hour Minimum

3. Closet Makeover.
We come to you to clean out and refresh your wardrobe.
*100/hour - 2 hour minimum.

Meet Our Personal Shoppers:


Meet Jenny, our visual merch manager. Jenny wears 2 things: jeans and a T or a maxi dress. Things she can’t live without: Her 2 adorable kids and a great cocktail.


Meet Taylin, our store buyer. She dresses for comfort goes to bed by 9:30 and her drink of choice is tomato juice. We call her grandma Tay since she is clearly 20-something going on 80-something


Meet Stacey, our in store comedian. She lives in a great graphic tee, jeans and her tennies. If you are looking for a taco and tequila loving gal to tell ya like it is, then you’ve met your match.


Meet Cortney, tiny but mighty.  She loves a functional piece and can pull a full outfit together like nobody’s business. Never call her after 6 p.m., this morning gal never sees a sunset, but never misses a sunrise!


Meet Michelle, our Assistant Store Manager.  She embodies the feminine boho style more than anyone and we are all convinced she must have a spare room to store her dress collection. 


Meet Luci, a gal who loves pickle ball, a strong cup of coffee and George Clooney. Her style is geared towards California Comfort, and be warned, something about her makes you just want to hug her.


Meet Elizabeth, our store manager and fixer of all of our problems. She ALWAYS has a huge smile on her face, lots of time to listen to you, she stays up well past everyone’s bedtime and still comes in full of happy energy. 


Meet Jen, you may know her as everyone’s favorite try on gal from our Instagram page. Jen has a laid back cool girl vibe, she wears her heart on her sleeve and once you meet her you feel like you’ve made a new best friend.  She’s the kind of gal who invites you over for tacos, margaritas and a laugh.  As she likes to say ‘human connection is the magic, selling cute clothes is just the cherry on top’.